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Agile Suite: Generate, Streamline or Select the Best for Under 10K

Do your quantitative research fast and under budget with our suite of 3 industry-proven tools.

Catalog Testing Case StudyFor years, clients have asked us the same question: "How can I get rigorous quantitative research through the necessary evaluation stages quickly and inexpensively?" And that's the reason we developed our Agile Suite of products.

From ideation all the way through to selection, our Agile Suite will support your research with smart and proven solutions that not only help generate quantity, but work toward refining and delivering the best of the lot.

Worried you don't have the budget? You can incorporate an Agile solution for less than 10K.

The Agile Suite consists of:AgileSuite

Idea Mill™. The tool that delivers on "quantity". Generate and validate many new ideas quickly and efficiently. Perfect for projects or products that require new names, opportunity for improvements, or just to kick-start an innovation.

Message Test Express™ (or MTE™). A powerful prioritization tool that works to streamline your bin of new ideas. Perfect for refining long lists of messages, product features, or concepts. With Message Test Express™, you can even dig further to learn which items are worth pursuing.

Idea Audit™. The evaluation tool that answers the critical business question, "Why this?" With Idea Audit™, you can substantiate your selections with measurable data to not only answer "Why this?" - but also with insightful context that supports it.

If you require fast market research because of a short timeframe, or your research needs to be conducted on a small budget, consider our Agile Suite of products.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today and ask him which Agile product is best suited for your needs.



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