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Conjoint Analysis:

Conceptually simple and aided by thoughtful design, iteration, and execution, you can use conjoint to define and support a range of strategic marketplace initiatives:

            • Develop better products built around the most important drivers of purchase
            • Determine optimal product pricing and overall price sensitivity
            • Estimate the value of your brand and whether or not you can charge a price premium
            • Imagine and simulate results for a range of competitive or internal market scenarios


Experts in Conjoint Analysis

TRC has extensive experience with conjoint studies, across a wide range of industries and product development scenarios, and can help you take advantage of this powerful insight tool with in-house design experts and creative, custom thinking.


Conjoint Analysis Case Study:

Enabling the Move to Subscription PricingFinancial Software pricing research

Our client had long sold its financial software via a licensing model. That business was being threatened by the cloud, and a raft of solutions available on-demand and on a subscription-basis.

They wanted to migrate to the more reliable revenue stream associated with subscription pricing. TRC leveraged conjoint to help them understand must-have and less-critical features in the context of cost, and to develop Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers of product and service support that optimized share and revenues.


How Conjoint Analysis Works

A Powerful Aid to Product Design and Marketplace Strategy

To understand the drivers of product purchase and build optimized offers, it's helpful to examine in detail how consumers trade off potential benefits and features in the context of price.

Conjoint is a powerful way to do just that - a survey-based approach that puts consumer choice front and center, and can help you reduce many thousands of potential product alternatives down to just a few best bet offers.


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