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idea audit icon3Effective Concept Evaluation

You think you've got a great idea. Do people agree?

Companies big and small need consumer feedback to effectively greenlight new products. The best concept evaluations are built upon measurables – needed to build a strong business case – and less quantifiable, but nonetheless important, gut-feel consumer reactions to your idea that can make the difference between success and failure.

Idea Audit™ will deliver this comprehensive assessment of your idea quickly, affordably, and in a way that can be easily repeated for other "good ideas" in your pipeline.

how to evaluate concepts

So many questions to ask. Only a few are critical.

There are a lot of different questions you might ask about your concept, but only a few are essential. Idea Audit™ focuses on these criteria, and provides a fast and reliable gateway to further inquiry and development.

Do people understand?

Do they like it?

Is it groundbreaking or more of a "me too" offering?

Are consumers interested in buying it?

Will consumers pay for it at an envisioned price point?

What are the benefits?

Do people understand it? What's confusing or unclear?

Is it something they'll talk about?


Surveys rely on scales, and while these measurables are helpful, ratings alone aren't enough to gauge future success. Consumers can't always accurately predict market viability, particularly when they're asked to evaluate an innovative or more complex product concept. You need context, and a way to discover whether people don't like your idea or they don't understand your idea. Idea Audit™ delivers that context, enhanced by rich video feedback that captures top-of-mind reactions and deeper insights, not measurable on a scale.

Your pressing business questions

Keys to building a business case

Idea AuditTM delivers critical information

Key metrics, backed by important context

Is the concept easy to understand?

Key metric:

  • (Rating) I understand it.

Important context (open-ended):

  • How would you explain this to a friend?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What seems too good to be true?

Is the core concept appealing?

Key metric:

  • (Rating) I like this.

Important context (open-ended):

  • How would this benefit you?

What are the most attractive benefits?

Key metric:

  • (Rank-ordering) Benefit appeal.

Important context (open-ended):

  • Most and least favorite elements of the concept.

Is this a groundbreaking idea?

Key metric:

  • (Rating) This is new and different.

Important context (open-ended):

  • How new and different is it?
  • What other products resemble this idea?

Would people buy this?

Key metric:

  • (Rating) Likelihood to buy (fair price).
  • (Rating) Likelihood to buy at $x.

Important context (open-ended):

  • Why would (or wouldn't) you buy?
  • Why is (or isn't) it worth $x?


IdeaAudit CaseStudyHow Idea Audit™ Works

We've designed Idea Audit™ to be a fast, comprehensive, and affordable tool you can use again and again to evaluate and compare ideas in your pipeline. Go from a draft of your idea to valuable feedback in 5 simple steps.

IdeaAudit in 5 steps

Capture key metrics you need

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Idea Audit™ is a great way to make voice of the customer input a valuable and regular part of your company's product development and marketing efforts. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email or give him a call at 215.641.2258 to get started.

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