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Consumer Insights. Market Innovation.

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idea filter iconDrill Down Up to 5 Concepts and Find a Winner


Fewer Concepts. Deeper Insights. An Ultimate Winner. 

Idea Filter™ lets you quantitatively assess 2 to 5 of your winning conceptual ideas in detail - the better for deciding upon a final course of action.

Each concept is evaluated on 6 dimensions:

            1. Appeal
            2. Ease of understanding
            3. Similarity to / Differentiation from what's currently in the market
            4. Likelihood to tell a friend
            5. Purchase likelihood (or another relevant action step)
            6. Brand attribution - how well the concept in general fit with your brand and competitors.  

Then, respondents are asked to choose the one that is their favorite.

Finally, add up to 3 custom questions for assessing the concepts.


Ask us how Idea Filter™ can help you make your final selection easier.




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