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Pediatric Hospital Needs to Say What Parents Want to Hear

childrens hospital case study






Despite its prestigious rank among hospitals across the country for its incomparable pediatric care, our client wanted to be certain that its new communication campaign truly delivered impactful and meaningful messaging to each and every parent struggling with treatment decisions.

Therefore, gaining target audience insight was paramount. TRC conducted a fully comprehensive qualitative and quantitative study that explored and identified how parents make treatment decisions for their children. Was it prudent to promote the cutting-edge research going on at the hospital to find answers? Or was it more motivational to hear about the everyday experts doing amazing work, the patient outcomes, or would stories from parents of patients have more impact? The study attempted to ascertain which characteristics of a hospital rank highest for parents and understand how they differentiate between other hospital options. Huge insight.

The results of the TRC study identified new messaging avenues that hadn't been explored before, allowing the hospital to further refine their communications with more confidence. TRC also developed a benchmark for awareness so the hospital could track successes of their marketing investments with less second-guessing.

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