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New Product Research Technique - Bracket™- helps solve complex prioritization challenges

Understanding consumer priorities is critical to product development


Developing new products is more complex than ever. More than ever organizations need to cut through the clutter, and figure out what people truly value.

Which new product ideas stand out from the crowd?

Can consumers tell us which features really matter?

Can we find out which messages truly resonate?

When options increase in number or complexity,
traditional techniques, like Max-Diff,  can fall short

Marketers have traditionally used a variety of strategies to learn what people value and what they don't, from basic importance scales to more complex Max-Diff exercises. But today's complex new product development efforts often involve sifting through long lists of new concepts, features, and messaging options. Long lists typically translate into long and cumbersome surveys. Participant engagement drops, and their ability to sort out more from less important factors diminishes. You end up with little to no differentiation in the data, and that's not actionable.

Bracket™ overcomes the "too many options" problem

Bracket Benefits-01Bracket™ overcomes these challenges, merging a more engaging and relevant choice-based process with powerful individual-level utility scores that reveal both the rank order of choice factors and the distance between ranks. Use Bracket™ to understand priorities across your target market, or to zoom in on particular segments of interest.


How Bracket™ works

Bracket™ takes a tournament-style approach to prioritization, and starts by grouping choices randomly into sets. Participants choose their favorites from each set, and these favorites progress on to the next round where they're once again grouped and evaluated. Ultimately each person is given a final set of choices - the best of the best - and is asked one last time which they most prefer.

HowBracketWorksIn short, Bracket™ is an effective and flexible tool that can identify priorities during the product development process. It keeps respondents engaged with surveys that are shorter and more challenging. And it delivers information on par with what you'd get from Max-Diff or other insightful but more cumbersome choice-based techniques.


Learn more, download our Bracket™ white paper

To learn more details about Bracket™ by way of a specific research case study and validation exercise, download our white paper, A Dynamic Approach to Feature Prioritization.

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