A few months ago I posted that we researched 18 factors in deciding which movie to see and where to see it. We reported that “It’s in 3D” was at the bottom of the list, and concluded that 3-D was unlikely to save the American movie box office.  

What made the top of the list was “I like the plot or story,” followed by “It is in my favorite movie genre” and “It has my favorite stars.”  

But surely the plot isn’t the critical decision-maker for every movie-goer; there must be groups of viewers whose decisions revolve around some of the other items on that list. We took their ratings and ran a segmentation analysis. While this type of analysis is done on a much grander scale by researchers in the movie industry, we thought it would be interesting to do some analysis of our own.

We came up with 4 distinct segments:

We looked at these groupings and then tried to guess what the demographic make-up of each group would be before we actually looked at that data. My personal hypotheses were:

How do you think I did?

As it turns out, not well at all.

Our 4 groups divided neatly into 2 groups of 2, based on age. Let’s start with the 2 younger groups:

Our 2 older groups are as follows:

And so now you may be wondering, what about 3D? Does that play a larger role for any of our groups? Nope, it remains at the bottom of the list for all 4 segments.

On a side note, I’ll be interested to share my research with Jehoshua Eliashberg of the Wharton School, who’ll be speaking at TRC’s conference next week. Jehoshu has focused some of his academic research efforts on the movie industry and predicting box office. For more information on Jehoshua’s work, click here.