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Tying Radisson's Satisfaction Data to Positive Financial Outcomes

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Business Challenge

There is growing evidence in the research community that a linkage exists between customer satisfaction and a brand's financial performance. And TRC has been actively helping clients identify these critical relationships.

Our Approach

An example of this is our recent work for Carlson Hotels Worldwide on one of its core brands, Radisson Hotels & Resorts. Using customer satisfaction data collected over a period of several years, along with various property and customer characteristics, we were able to tell them which levers to pull to increase the brand's monthly revenue.

Further, a simulator delivered with the model showed them the impact of making just one small change in guest satisfaction or physical characteristic identified as a driver of revenue. 

Successful Results Implementation

With the help of an easy-to-use simulator, franchisees were able to see the bottom-line impact of implementing the tactical and strategic recommendations to improve guest satisfaction.

Radisson Financial Linkage


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