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Conducting a comprehensive brand image review

Hotel MarketResearch CaseStudy

Business Challenge

A major hotel chain needed to understand both its corporate brand image as well as that of some of its core properties. Its goal: develop marketing and operational plans for improving perceptions in line with the company's overall strategy.

Our Approach

We counseled them to take an inside-out view, starting first with an examination of employee attitudes and incorporating feedback from this group into our study of consumers' feelings. We considered both emotional and functional aspects of the brand and used perceptual mapping to show points of differentiation between our client and its competitors.We performed key driver analysis to help them identify and prioritize areas that, if improved, would have the greatest positive impact on brand image.

Successful Results Implementation

CHAID segmentation was used to identify "most loyal" customers and marketing strategies were put in place to target like consumers. Ultimately, we were able to connect our survey results with their internal property-specific metrics, to demonstrate how they could best enhance profits.

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