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Tailored Products for Moderately Affluent, Uninsured Consumers

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Business Challenge

An individual health insurance provider wanted to understand why consumers whose incomes could support buying health insurance were choosing not to be insured.

Our Approach

A qualitative initiative provided input into the survey design. A web-based quantitative approach was then used to survey uninsured consumers with moderate to high incomes in the client's coverage footprint.

Using object-based segmentation, our research revealed four segments based on their demographics and attitudes toward healthcare. We were then able to align the client's current product offerings with each segment to determine product fit and gaps between what is desirable and what is offered.

Successful Results Implementation

These results not only allowed the client to further tailor existing products to each segment of the market, but also to hone their message. Subsequent focus groups in 3 cities validated the findings and set the client up for a successful launch.

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