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Identifying and maximizing pharmaceutical sales potential

pharmadrug sales potential

Business Challenge

A major pharmaceutical company was considering a co-promotional agreement with another pharmaceutical company, which would give them the rights to market a unique prescription drug for a childhood condition. There was a lack of support for this drug under the current pharmaceutical company, as it maintained a relatively weak pediatrician detailing force, which may have limited its prescribing.

Our Approach

We conducted a study among pediatricians and parents of children with this condition to gain a thorough understanding of the market potential of this drug and to identify possible marketing opportunities and barriers to acceptance. Within the parent population, we used the Latent Class Segmentation technique to identify 3 unique segments, based on the impact the condition has on the child/family and the likelihood of  discussing treatment options with the pediatrician.

Successful Results Implementation

In addition, we identified key drivers for each segment to aid our client in targeting its marketing efforts toward both parents and pediatricians.

pharma sales potential case study




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