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Determining Options that Generate the Most Memberships

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Business Challenge

A client who traditionally offered a single membership type, with set benefits at a flat fee, was interested in learning whether expanding its membership offering would boost membership. The client designed several membership offerings to test out, each with a lengthy list of features and benefits.

Our Approach

The research project was designed to answer two key questions. Which features should the client promote to generate interest in a given membership offering? Which membership offerings would garner the most membership interest - and at what price points?

To answer both questions, TRC conducted a two-phase project - the first phase narrowed the list of features for each membership offering.

Respondents first selected the membership offering of most interest from a basic description, and then engaged in a Q-sort exercise to determine the most salient features. With Q-sort, the respondents assigned the features to a hierarchy of most to least appealing, which allowed for greater differentiation than typical scale-rating would. At the conclusion of phase one, a manageable feature list for each membership offering was established.

Phase two recruited new respondents to evaluate each membership type. Each description was expanded to include the most popular features as determined by phase one. Likelihood to subscribe to each offering was measured, and various price points were evaluated to give the client take-rates for each offering at high, moderate and low price points.

Successful Results Implementation

This afforded the client the ability to determine which offerings at which price levels would generate the most memberships in general, which would likely cannibalize from the existing membership platform, and which could be used to target niche or specialty groups that may otherwise go unserved.

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