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Past Conferences

Inside-the-Box Creativity with Jacob Goldenberg, Visiting Professor at Columbia Business School - April, 2016, New York
TRC on the Road series presented a very engaging lecture about an effective and counter-intuitive approach to product design and the innovation process.

Behavioral Economics Research and Consumers' Decision-Making, with Shane Frederick - September, 2015, Boston
TRC on the Road event provided another opportunity to connect practitioners and academics - an afternoon in Boston with Yale School of Management professor, Shane Frederick. Shane is a leader in the current field of Behavioral Economics research.

Use What You Have with Non-Traditional Research Methods, with Mark Broadie  - May, 2015, New York
TRC hosted another TRC on the Road event, this time in Manhattan at 230 FIFTH's Rooftop. Mark Broadie, Professor and Vice Dean of Columbia Business School presented a unique approach to your existing data that uncovers new insights.

Unique Perspective on Behavioral Economics with Vlad Griskevicius - October, 2014, Minneapolis
The first TRC on the Road event with Vlad Griskevicius - University of Minnesota's Professor of Marketing - who discussed the notion of Evolutionary Theory and how it seems to explain otherwise inexplicable human decisions.

Frontiers of Research - One-Day Annual Conferences featuring speakers from a range of universities - 2009-2013, New York and Philadelphia
Academics from schools like Harvard, Columbia University, New York University, Yale, Wharton Business School and the University of Maryland participated in TRC's annual events where they share their latest work and made us all think about how to be better researchers.

Annual Marketing Symposium at Rice University - 2008-2010, Houston
Rice University Jess H. Jones Graduate School of Management in partnership with TRC and AMA Houston.

TRC's Union League Conference Series - presented by Rajan Sambandam - 2000-2007, Philadelphia
The following lectures were featured - Successful Segmentation: Tools and Strategies; New Product Development: Conjoint and Other Methods; Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities: Key Drive Methods; Segmentation: Methods and Applications,; Conjoint Analysis: Methods and Applications.

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