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Tapping into Academia - the epicenter for innovation.

The latest developments in market research are conceived, designed and studied at Universities all over the country. It can be a challenge adapting these innovations to real-world business assignments.

This is just one of the reasons TRC formed academic partnerships with the world's most respected thought leaders in the fields of marketing sciences and behavioral economics. Our goal is to bridge the divide between busy practitioners and world-class researchers through lectures, symposiums and conferences where innovations in research methodologies and applications are openly shared and explored.

How can our academic partnerships benefit you?

Come to an academic-practitioner event. Our conferences provide opportunities for practitioners to learn about the latest innovations in research, and to engage directly with academics who are moving the science of research forward.

Rajan, one of our research rockstars, reports from the frontlines. TRC's Chief Research Officer, Rajan Sambandam is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at Columbia University and is often asked to share his knowledge and experience in academic-practitioner issues with Wharton, Columbia University, Yale, and classrooms around the country. Visit our TRC.blog from time to time and read his latest contributions.

Keep an eye on our latest research. We're up to date on the latest research because we're helping to conduct it. Bookmark our knowledge library and look for updated published articles and white papers.

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